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. >> i yelled at her, don't do it, please don't do it, about ten times and she crawled off the edge and jumped. >> one of the fans heroically tried to catch her and he got injured in the process. >> that man is a season ticket holder, is he credited with breaking her fall and saving her life although she is in critical condition. while somebody would try to catch him while standing on the pavement, he said he didn't think, he just did it. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. at. >> hundreds are without lights and pg&e reported the outage this morning. there are a total of 3 outages an initial little more than 653 people are without power and many more are still without power. the outage was due to a downed wire and at this point it is unclear when power will be fully restored. president barack obama will be pushing for immigration reform. first on the speech, we will be there at 11:35 this morning and the president is scheduled to speak at the jazz center and at 2:00 another fundraiser at cell force mark bennie off. >> and now at at the area they line had up for tickets. they
it will reduce crime but supporters are worried it could lead to racial profiling. >> i don't want this to turn into another situation for stop and frisk and i don't want it to turn into a situation for young boys who are on the way to the store for their mothers. >> and it would require them to be on the road and it would be in effect from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. they could face fines up to $100. >>> they are still looking to how many sal individual and wraps contained chicken. it is by glass and trader joe's with chilly and chicken. other salads and wraps are being recalled under other names. >> it is disturbing and scary because you go places and you trust where you are buying your food, so it is stressful, something you have to worry about on a regular basis. >> all the affected salads and wraps were made a month ago and all of them have been sickened withee wholly after -- e-coli after eating those meals. just go to news and click on the health and science tab. >>> u.s.s. p l.a., one person had to have a transplant and other people are waiting for transplants and they are in the super inten
is going to be doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact we don't have a lot to go on but we will be watching the traffic. today traffic patterns will be slightly different as you drive through the area and it will not be so much of a commute it will be people just trying to get away from the area and we will be looking at 101 in san francisco and traffic is moving along as we drive through. as we look at the commute in livermore there are no problems, still light and it is nice and early and so we'll see what happens. today will not be a typical commute dated. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with breaking news, firefighters are trapped in an early morning apartment fire and we will could to tara moriarty with the latest. >>> on briggs avenue, not only did you see behind me a couple much flames, they are trying to get out there but tenants are already pointing the finger at a man they say started it but this fire broke out around 245 this morning and it had been going for more than an hour. it happened near lincoln parkings firefighters evacuated both buildings and cr
. although meteorologists measure rain from july to july and by that standard things don't look good. >> our rainfall year started july 1st. we've had just a little over 1 inch, an average for this same date is 7 inches. >> we're not saying drought right now. >> the last good soaking we had here in the bay area was back in september, just a day or so of rain. it was enough to cause problems on roadways all across this area and quite a few accidents and fender benders. as this storm arrives this morning, the chp asking everyone to take it slow and don't follow too close behind that car in front of you. give yourself plenty of room to stop. we're here in roaner park along 101. we'll keep an eye on the traffic situation and rainfall situation and we'll be back throughout the morning. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the possibility of significant rain is raising concerns about possible landslides on mount diablo. two monthsing a wildfire on the eastern slopes of the mountain near clayton burned 3700 acres. now erosion experts are warning the rain could trigger landslides. however, they say
. we have been looking around for road work but we don't have a lot. we've been watching the commutes especially the the bay bridge we watch it very closely for you. until major problems coming into the city right now. also looking at the commute here on the east shore freeway, that is a very nice looking drive heading west out to the mccarthur maze. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 is looking good. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> topping our news this morning developing news out of san francisco where a man in a wheelchair is dead after being hit by a car. ktvu channel 2 reporter katie utehs is joining us live from the scene. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. the man in the wheelchair was heading east on market. so toward downtown. let me step out of the way and show you this busy intersection. you really see the cars zooming through right now. now that its back open. you can see some of the debris still in the roadway and the orange markings there are where the wheelchair landed. here's some of the video that we shot over night as san
said i don't know it is a mess. at this point we will talk with chp and get a better idea for timeframe for your morning commute and we will check back with the morning news, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are looking for a burglary suspect who took off after a car break in leaving behind smashed cars. he is suspected of numerous cars and then ditched the acura and north oakland. we witnessed him and another suspect breaking in and his partner was caught trying to run away. >>> they are accused in an an identity theft case charged in two or more cases including sick people. the hotel called police to help evict the women who had been staying there and tried to use a fake credit card. it involved a stolen patient list from a cancer center in oakland. >> this is terrible that people who are at such a hard tough time in their lives they are getting victimized bryan don't strangers -- getting victimized by random strangers who done care. >> the suspects are identified as sol lean in -- are identified and both have entered not guilty pleas and if convicted they could
to work. people are warning slow down, please don't drink and drive this holiday weekend. chp is currently in its maximum enforcement it -- enforcement period and chp will be on the look out for drunk drivers and also people not wearing seat belts. >>> as we told you a car veered off the highway plunged off of a cliff, tara moriarty joins us now from the crash scene near highway 42, tara? >> reporter: well we heard the helicopters about 15 minutes ago and a helicopter flew overhead and it appears this rescue has been completed. we were here a long skylines boulevard and it was closed for about four hours all the way from pin yacht it road down to highway 92. it does a pier 35 -- appear 35 eastbound is coming up but that is the road that leads to half- moon bay. highway patrol got a call that a sedan went over the embankment and we are not sure how far down but a sig alert was issued and 35 and 92 was shut down. one person who was not hurt badly, but there were three people trapped in the car unable to get out so the coast guard helicopter came and started pulling victims out. we are not su
be themselves and nobody is going to make fun of them. we don't have any bowing. >>>prosecutors have filed hate crime charges. alameda county prosecutors will try 16-year-old richard thomas as an adult in a case that involves several felony charges. ktvu news obtained several court documents that include notes from arresting officers. thomas set the boy on fire quoting because he is homophobic. >> what kind of boy is he? >> he is a good kid. a very good kid. i don't know he was with his friends joking around. >> police arrested the teenage suspect the day after the attack after looking at surveillance video. >>> we have new information about a reported sexual assault at the college in cupertino. a source tells ktvu the alleged victim is a member of the lgbt community and the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. the 19-year-old student says she was raped inside of am first floor restroom on monday. they called the attack an isolated incident and identify the attacker as 18-20-year-old male. the two were acquaintances but not friends. >> its very scary. i mean whether you know the
cousin does not want to and i don't blame her because that is my uncle, you don't want him buried like that. >> many are flying in to do what they can to help out. >> they are getting a boost from philippine airlines and yesterday they began free air lifts of flee supplies including medicine and food. they are accepting donations of items and they are talking with san francisco city hall about a major fundraiser in the city possibly as soon as friday. >>> we have some breaking news to tell you about in hayward and an early morning fire has forced people out of their homes. we understand some people had to jump from their windows to get to safety, katie? >> reporter: the fire started in a ground floor unit and people who live above jumped to safety. one woman i spoke to scooted down the scarce with her three month old baby. here is video as neighbors rallied around them providing blankets and hot tea although 15 people are displaced this morning. firefighters received a call for help at the apartments shortly before 3:00 a.m. and many people ran outside as they heard other people screa
they don't apply. >> to the extent that the policies were canceled because they did not meet the requirements of the affordable care act, the president has now said we are going to give you another year to look at alternatives. >> the legislation drafted by house republicans would allow insurance companies to sell existing plans to new customers as well as existing ones. president obama has said if the bill reaches his desk, he will veto it. >>> kamala harris shot down ten health insurance websites. harris says the fake websites imitated the real one in order to trick customers into thinking they were signing up for coverage under the new health care law. >>> the santa clara county sheriffs office has released a sketch of the person they say is responsible for a sexual assault at dianza college. they are described as being in their early 20s and acne on his chin. a student reports she was raped in the bathroom of a media and learning center on november 4th. the victim told investigators that she believes the attacker is a student named johnny. >>> another san jose elementary
is effecting 169 customers on the peninsula and 13 customers don't have power in the south bay. pg&e blaming the winds for taking down power lines and causing some transformer issues and they say it will take hours before power is fully restored. >>> just before 7:30 last night another uprooted tree fell on top of this car on 32nd street and martin luther king junior way in oakland. witnesses say a man crossing the street was hit by branches. he was taken to the hospital and expecting to billion okay. ktvu viewers is sending us amazing photos. look at this a 100-year-old 60- foot high tree came crash into a cottage at the rear of their home. that happened late last night. everyone is safe but power was knocked out. i want to show you a photo from a viewer tony. a tree fell down in roanoke park taking out a street light pole and blocking roads. that is on the corner of adrian and southwest boulevard. and this photo from michael in vallejo where a tree and branches fell right on top of his car. pretty big tree there. we would like to see your photos. >>> happening today the holiday travel seas
are executing it almost exactly as originally planned 12 months ago. i don't think we tailored anything ewe leakily to -- anything uniquely. >> japan and south korea have flown through the disputed air space without notifying china. >>> more inmates are attacking other inmates inside nine o'clock jails since california's realign law took effect. the ap the associated press says inmate assaults rose 32% on average in the ten counties. the population of the jails rose for 14%. the realignment law moved lower level offenders to county jails instead of state prisons. as a way to reduce over crowding. >>> the health care website is getting more help from the silicon valley. they are switching the data center. the site had been hosted by verizon. switching to hp could double capacity. last month google and oracle employees were also recruited to help. >>> time is 4:48. and sal is back for us this morning. hopefully you had a very nice thanksgiving. we thought about you. you are probably sleeping away during our show. >> watched a little of it. yeah we did sleep in a little later. good morning, ev
and they don't have assets. >> reporter: this could mean you might be seeing more twitter ads as the company tries to a piece their share -- apiece their shareholders. >> there is a local group that is upset about the potential for additional ads. and san francisco rising they plan to arrive and protest at headquarters right around 6:30, the same time that the ipo starts trading. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> here is another look at the ipo social media's facebook. they opened at $8 per share, shares dropped but facebook is now about $49 per share. the sight linked in opened at $45 in may, 2011, that price has skyrocketed and is now $220 a share. square, that mobile company may be going open and square is looking for its own initial public offering and it could come sometime next year. it could beco founded by jack dorsi. he has talked with google about his mysterious barge on the bay and he shares with us what he thinks should happen next. >>> continuing coverage on a child abduction we first told you about at 4:30. the sunnyville mother awaits his return after the boy's father took him
and we usually don't have a lot of the traffic at 4:30 a.m. but we will be watching it for you, we do have a crash between dahly city and brisbane and the sheriff and fire department are on their way to look at that but the car is overturned. and westbound 72 as you head out to the high-rise that traffic is moving nicely on to 101. 508 westbound coming into livermore valley, we are looking good at 580 to livermore valley. let's go back to the desk. >>> be prepared for delays and cancellations if you are planning on traveling. a powerful storm system which started in the bay area is expected to arrive in the mid- atlantic states today and move into the northeast. the storm is being blamed for at least a dozen deaths. coming up at 4:45 we will come up with an update and let you know why things are only expected to get worse. >>> more than half a dozen people were braisenly shot near a street barbecue last night. tara moriarty joins us from headquarters to let us know their conditions. >> reporter: two of them are in critical condition at this time and the reason they are calling this pa
the winter i don't think. >> what are we back in 1987? wow. we do have a decent commute out there for most of you. we do have one problem to report and we've been talking about this since we went on the air. northbound 680 at scott creek the investigation of a fatal crash has one lane closed here northbound so you are going to see slow traffic in this area. and the alternate route for you would be to use 880 and use mission boulevard to get over to that area of 680. there is already a slow down there. northbound 680 is not effected which is the commute direction. we will have another report from the scene coming up. also looking at westbound bay bridge the toll plaza area this crash is okay coming into san francisco. now if you are driving on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, this traffic does look good in san francisco. steve has said not a lot of fog out there. a little built cold but as far as drivers and visibility we are off to a good start in many areas. right steve? >> they got to me early because yes i will reenforce that, sal. >> thank you, steve. >>> yes, sir. you were spo
as the storms ripped through washington, illinois. >> a lot of people have a pile of rubble. i don't have anything. its gone. i don't know where it went. >> reporter: taken away by this tornado. the man recording this video prays it engulfs houses not far from his. illinois emergency management says in two communities the storms destroyed 70 homes. rescuers worked sunday to reach people trapped under the rubble. hiding in their basements. >> it did sound like a freight train. i looked over in my backwoods. i saw debris coming over me. >> reporter: broadcast in illinois the news anchors had to cut their coverage short and evacuate. >> we may need to take shelter ourselves. >> we do. >> we need to go off the air. we will be back when we can. >> reporter: in indiana the wind flipped a car into the patio area of this starbucks and blew out the windows of the building. the high winds from st. louis to wisconsin to ohio knocked out power to hundreds of homes and businesses. for the numerous people who have lost their homes, the focus now will be on recovering what they can and rebuilding. i'm a
. unfortunately i would hope they don't increase the rate. and sunday parking is awful. >> the city says its doing this to increase available parking spaces and drive traffic to the garages. the council vote was anonymous and they say expect a final vote next month and new rules in place by spring. >>> the family of a san ramon high school student and the school district are divided on their opinions over a video that shows the student being beaten up. kate benedict says her daughter seen in the red top was beaten up after being bullied. it started when her daughter stopped a group of girls from giving marijuana to a younger student but the district says it is not investigating this as a case of bullying because a one-time conflict between the girls. >>> time is 4:40. we are learning how much the bat kid's make a wish adventure in san francisco cost the city. the city spent $105,000 mostly for the civic center celebration that capped off the day. originally it was the plan for the mayor to provide him with a chocolate key to the city along with a few hundred volunteers. but as the word spread it b
changes, airports were working with nearby hotels so they don't raise the room rates when passengers are stranded. >>> well flights are getting back to normal today. they are due both and others arrived on time while 21 were canceled. >>> they are warning travelers that years ahead could be even worse at fso. every single day could look like the day before thanks giving. >> already we are at 173% full capacity. >> fso needs more runways, more customs and border injuries. >> they will turn off the screen being checkpoints and they will be allowed to keep shoes, belts and jackets and also carry a laptop in its case. more than 100 use the precheck program. >>> he said he is coming through after pleading guilty after a position of cocaine. >> i have to repulled a relationship with this home i love so much, it means so much to me and i also need to do it for my family. >> he was arrested last month after buying a small amount of cocaine. he familiar kane -- campained and was supported by tomato activists and an award was established. president barack obama was introduced by the grandson o
existed. >> i don't think anybody came and said, hey there is a dead body. i haven't heard anything credible that suggested that happened. i think that was somebody's fantasy after the fact. >> this attorney represents 5 members of the sheriff's office who provide security at san francisco general hospital. >>> police in morgan arrested a day care worker accused of being under the influence of alcohol. 58-year-old anna marie lopez was charged with child endangerment, and arrested yesterday morning at the child development center on main avenue. police say lopez worked there for ten years. >>> there is a new study warning parents with children in day care. the study being released later today say parents need to look into day care centers where they put their children. a review by the federal government found 35 states do not require extensive background checks of day care workers. 21 states do not have unannounced inspections of day care facilities every year. even when those inspections are required, they aren't always completed. details of the report, including what california r
plaza. it is light. we don't have any road w to worry about and as steve mentioned visibility is pretty good here. no problems on the san mateo bridge either driving across to the peninsula. that traffic is looking good all the way across. we do want to mention that cliff menta street is closed between at least 11th and fun johnston because of a working fire. that is a good area to avoid. just get over to gary and california for the time being. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news. a statewide amber alert has been issued for a two week old baby taken from an apartment in sunnyvale. claudine wong is live with some new information on the suspect and the car. claudine. >> reporter: that is right we have been gathering a lot of information for you. let me show you where we are. we came to the 900 block of helen avenue. this is the apartment complex where all of this happened. i did knock on the door where this family lives. the mother that answered did not want to talk. this all happened yesterday. let me show you a picture of the father. its 22-year-
:00 a.m. and many say they don't support the policy and they set the motion to discuss true yancy. >>> third is on the loose after causing a police chase and they say it will happen before the suspect's car hit another car, this were two and a police dog helped capture that person and one passenger. a suspect has not been found. >>> now for more coverage on typhoon haiyan, today is a day of solidarity an action for that huge storm. the government estimates it will be 2500 rather than 10,000 which is projected. two american citizens are among the dead. rescuers are still having trouble reaching the hardest hit areas. >> we have no clothes, we have nothing to cover our nose and mouths from the foul smell. >> very, very bad. >> the u.s. and philippine military are trying to fly in supplies but a lack of security is slowing the relief effort. they have already hijacked 25,000 meals. students are working being with the bay area group called pearl. collection tables will be out from 8:00 until 4:00. >>> and for downtown victims in san jose, it starts tonight at the march mart -- j.d.
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21